A once-in-a-lifetime event

Hello!  Thank you for visiting our website. Our school is a six-year secondary and boarding school in Gokase town in Miyazaki prefecture. Most of the students at our school are from within the prefecture, while our school is located in a rural area with abundant nature. Most of the activities at our school have been canceled since last April and May because of COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we are taking face-to-face classes with our masks on. Even in such hard times, we would like to interact with Taiwanese high school students and make something delicious together… so we launched this project!

What is Gokase town?

Beach, driving, surfing
, and so on. It is a small town with a population of 3,700. There are five seasons in Gokase Town! Gokase
Town is located in the center of Kyushu island in Japan, and is located in the northern part of Miyazaki prefecture that is famous for a lot of charms and old legends, but it has a problem. The number of population is decreasing year by year. So, we’ve planned a project to cheer up Gokase.


Plants begin to grow, Shidare Cherry(Weeping Cherry) of Josenji Temple is in full bloom too. Also, you will be filled with the gentle spring breeze.



Summer in Gokase is a little cooler than other places in Japan. Why don’t you listen to the sound of cicadas?



The mountains will turn bright red. Fall in Gokase is just like being in  another world. It will invite you to the natural red carpet!


[Early Winter]


The weather sometimes will turn bitter. You can see the beautiful and twinkling starry sky in the clear night sky.

[Mid Winter]

The whole town is covered with snow. You’ve never seen such a snowy world. Animals’ footprints can be seen anywhere. You can enjoy leisure activities that can be enjoyed only in winter too! We love Gokase in white!

Members of the Project

Rinka Tanaka (16)→ I’m on the track and field club. My hobby is to eat delicious food. When I go to Taiwan, I want to eat mango chipped ice !

SayakaTabaru (16) →I’m in the Japanese drums club. My hobby is playing the piano and reading books. When I go to Taiwan, I want to eat xiaolongbao !

Rinka Fujiwara (16) →I’m in the Calligraphy club. When I go to Taiwan, I want to eat douhua!

We love Taiwan and its food culture! There are a lot of appetizing food that we want to eat in Taiwan!


◎Charms of Gokase town

 Do you know Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems(GIAHS)? Gokase town is registered as “Takachihogo-Shiibayama site”. This is a project started by an international organization, “United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization” (FAO, Headquarters: Rome, Italy) ,aiming for food security and stability. Gokase Town, one of the  Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Sites, is full of delicious and  high quality food such as vegetables, rice harvested in a colder climate, and game meat such as deer, wild boar, and tea leaves called “Kamairicha” widely recognized in Japan.

Introduce our project

We name this  project GokaseTaiwan. We would like to make one collaboration product using the best ingredients from Taiwan and Gokase. In other words, we need your help to make the product together through online meetings. If you are interested in Gokase or would like to develop products through the project together, join us! We need your help!

◎Project Procedure

(The project is expected to be held from April 2021 to October 2021)

①We will have an online meeting.

②We will hold weekly online meeting to discuss our product development. (Once a week /approx. 1 hour)

③ We will make product-design from the concept-image with the cooperation of private food companies in Gokase. 

④ We will commercialize the product and advertising in both of the countries.

⑤Once the COVID-19 settles down, we’ll invite project members in Taiwan to come to Gokase and sell the products in the local festival together. If it doesn’t work out because of COVID-19 situation, we will connect and sell them online.


We think this experience must be one memorable page of your precious youth! Would you like to develop a product together in our attractive Gokase town?

So, if you’re interested in working and developing a product together, join us! We would greatly appreciate you help!

Click here for application.